New Civil War Memorial Coming to Newport, NC

The Newport Historical Museum has begun work on a memorial park to commemorate the Battle of Newport Barracks, in which 11 soldiers died in 1864. The museum hopes to have the $94,5000 memorial finished in time for the 150th anniversary of the battle on February 2nd, according to an article in the Carteret County News-Times:

“NEWPORT — Local historians are working on a memorial to the largest battle of the Civil War fought in Carteret County.

The Newport Consolidated School Alumni Association, which maintains the Newport Historical Museum on Chatham Street, has begun work on a memorial park to the Battle of Newport Barracks.

The association, which is also in the process of getting its name officially changed to the Newport Historical Museum, intends to have the park finished in time for the 150th anniversary of the battle, which is Feb. 4, 2014.

Dianne Johnson, representative of the association, said they’re very excited about the project.

Marker for the Battle of Newport Barracks

Marker for the Battle of Newport Barracks

‘We think it’s a worthy cause,” she said, “and will help promote the town of Newport.’”

Gerald Mann, a graduate of the Newport Consolidated School, first proposed building the park in 2011. Mr. Mann read a book written by former town resident Eric Lindblade, now a publisher from Gettysburg, Pa., called Fight as Long as Possible, which chronicles the battle. After reading this book, Mr. Mann spoke to Mayor Derryl Garner, several other Newport residents and the association’s board of directors about creating a memorial park.

The Battle of Newport Barracks occurred on Feb. 2, 1864. Union troops had occupied the barracks since 1862, but on that day, Confederate troops launched an attack in a battle that lasted four hours, which were spread over three engagements.

The association is planning to build a memorial to the Battle of Newport Barracks on the museum property, which was bought Nov. 30 last year, adjacent to the museum itself. According to the September edition of the town government’s newsletter, Courtesy News, the association is purchasing a replica Civil War cannon through a donation from Mr. Mann. Other features planned for the park include an information center, a small replica of the barracks, monuments to the 11 soldiers who died in the battle and a restored trestle from one of the original bridges into Newport.”

The battlefield currently has a marker but the memorial park, which was first proposed in 2011, will be its first major memorial.

Newport Barracks NC map

Hand drawn map of Newport Barracks by a soldier who fought in the battle, Josiah O. Livingston of the 9th Vermont.


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