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The Civil War was a pivotal time in American history and forever changed our society, culture and politics. It was a time of emotional and physical turmoil and affected not only the people who fought in the war but also the many civilians at home all across the country. It devastated towns, populations, caused supply shortages for both the military and civilians and brought general havoc to daily life for four long years.

The following is an overview of the various aspects of the Civil War. Each section includes numerous articles about that specific topic:

Civil War Causes

The Civil War happened for a variety of reasons. The causes ran deep through American history and started many years before the war broke out. These reasons include state’s rights, slavery, westward expansion, the 1860 election and secession. These issues were deeply intertwined and went hand in hand with each other.

Civil War Battles

One of the most talked about aspects of the Civil War were the thousands of battles that occurred across the United States. These battles stretched from Maryland to southern Texas and as far west as Arizona. The battles were violent and bloody and those lucky enough to survive them were often left with physical and psychological scars as a result. These battlegrounds were so important to American history that many of them have now become historic landmarks and parks that are visited by millions of people every year.

Civil War Soldiers

Over 2 million Americans fought in the war and around 600,000 died as a result. The soldiers who fought in the Civil War came from all walks of life. Although the majority of them were white men, a number these soldiers were also African-American, Jewish, Hispanic, Muslim as well as female and almost a quarter of them were children and minors.

Civil War Generals

Generals were at the forefront of the Civil War and led the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in some of the biggest battles in American history. Hundreds of men served as generals in the Civil War and a number of them died in the war due to disease or injuries received in battle. These generals were highly trained and had the military experience necessary to lead their vast armies.

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