Captain Sally Louisa Tompkins: Nurse and Officer in the Confederate Army

Sally Louisa Tompkins was a Civil War nurse and the only officially commissioned female officer in the Confederate Army. The following are some facts about Sally Louisa Tompkins: Sally Tompkins Childhood: Born on November 9, 1833 into a wealthy Virginia … Continue reading

William Quantrill’s Three Graves

William Quantrill was the leader of a violent group of Confederate guerrillas, known as Quantrill’s Raiders, whose members included brothers Frank and Jesse James. After Quantrill was shot and paralyzed during a skirmish with Union soldiers in Louisville, Kentucky in … Continue reading

Benjamin Butler: The Yankee Who Voted For Jefferson Davis

Benjamin Butler was a Massachusetts Senator who served as a Union General during the Civil War. Despite the fact that he was a Democrat and a Northerner, during the 1860 National Democratic Convention in Charleston, Butler voted 57 times in … Continue reading