Civil War Saga is a blog about the rich history of the American Civil War. The blog discusses the many people, places and events of the Civil War, spanning all four years of the war plus the pre & post-war eras.

The goal of Civil War Saga blog is to give readers the most thorough, detailed and hard-to-find historical information possible. The Civil War Saga aims to bring you topics and stories you can’t find anywhere else.

The blog focuses heavily on firsthand accounts and reports from the original sources to help give readers a clearer understanding of the events and the people involved. Many historical facts are often lost or distorted over time so the Civil War Saga aims to clear up any misinformation, myths and untruths.

The Civil War Saga also features news on Civil War-related topics such as battlefield preservation, recently released Civil War books and movies, upcoming museum exhibits and etc.

Civil War Saga is written and published by freelance journalist Rebecca Beatrice Brooks. Brooks is a history lover from New England. She earned a B.A. in English/Journalism from the University of New Hampshire and got her start in journalism working at numerous small-town newspapers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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