Best Books About Ulysses S. Grant

There has been a surge in new books about Ulysses S. Grant in recent years as Grant’s reputation slowly recovers after being pummeled throughout the 20th century. Although Grant was very popular during his lifetime, his reputation took a hit after the various scandals of his presidency and his popularity continued to decline due to … Read more

Timeline of Abraham Lincoln’s Life

The following is a timeline of important events in the life of Abraham Lincoln: 1637: ♦ In 1637, Abraham Lincoln’s fourth great-grandfather, Samuel Lincoln, emigrates from Norwich, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in North America. Later generations of the family migrate out of New England to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and then to Kentucky. 1781: … Read more

Best Books About Frederick Douglass

It is surprising how few books there are about Frederick Douglass. The lack of books about this iconic figure is mostly due to the fact that Douglass himself wrote three great autobiographies, thus reducing the need for more books about his life. Yet, scholars have recently written a number of new books that are worth … Read more

Timeline of Harriet Tubman’s Life

The following is a timeline of events in Harriet Tubman’s life: 1785-1790: ♦ In 1785-1790, Harriet Tubman’s parents, Harriet Green and Ben Ross, are born into slavery in Dorchester County, Maryland. Green is owned by Atthow Pattison and Ross is owned by Anthony Thompson. 1797: ♦ In 1797, Atthow Pattison dies and leaves Harriet Green … Read more

Confederate Generals in the Civil War

Confederate generals served in the Confederate States Army on behalf of the Confederate States of America. Although the majority of these generals were from the south, a handful of them were also from the north. These generals were often military professionals who were trained at military academies like West Point. A number of them were … Read more

Confederate Soldiers in the Civil War

Soldiers who served in the Confederate States Army fought on behalf of the Confederate States of America. These Confederate soldiers were from the 11 states that had seceded from the United States of America and joined the Confederate States of America. They tended to be young southern farmers, laborers and mechanics. Some of these soldiers … Read more

Confederate States Army in the Civil War

The Confederate Army fought for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. The army was one of three branches of military of the Confederate government, which also included the Confederate Navy and the Confederate States Marine Corps. The army served for the entire four years of the war, from 1861 to 1865. … Read more

The Confederate States of America

The Confederate States of America, which existed from 1861 to 1865, was a collection of 11 states that seceded from the United States in 1860 and 1861. The Confederacy, as it was collectively known, was one of many belligerents who fought in the Civil War. The United States government never recognized the Confederates States of … Read more

Best Civil War Soldier & Officer Costumes

Need a Civil War soldier costume for a class project, presentation or Halloween party? Check out the various costumes in this article. To get a historically accurate and authentic-looking costume, you should base your costume on the types of Civil War uniforms that soldiers and officers wore. Confederate soldiers wore gray double-breasted frock coats, or … Read more

Best Abraham Lincoln Costumes

If you’re looking for an Abraham Lincoln costume for a class project, a reenactment or even for a Halloween costume you have a few options to choose from. To get an easily recognizable and/or historically accurate costume, you should base your costume on a famous image of Abraham Lincoln or on an item of clothing … Read more