Why Did Edwin Booth Vote for Abraham Lincoln?

Despite his connection to his Confederate-sympathizing brother, John Wilkes Booth, stage actor Edwin Booth voted for Abraham Lincoln in 1864. John Wilkes Booth was reportedly deeply disappointed by his brother’s vote and lectured him for supporting Lincoln. Although Edwin was 31 years old at the time of the election, it was his first time voting … Read more

James Russell Lowell’s Endorsement of Abraham Lincoln

James Russell Lowell was an abolitionist and poet from Cambridge, Massachusetts who served as the first editor of the Atlantic Monthly magazine from 1857 to 1861. In October of 1860, Lowell wrote a long article titled “The Election in November,” in which he endorsed Abraham Lincoln for President of the United States, praising Lincoln’s opposition … Read more

Benjamin Butler: The Yankee Who Voted For Jefferson Davis

Benjamin Butler was a Massachusetts Senator who served as a Union General in the Civil War. Despite the fact that he was a Democrat and a Northerner, during the 1860 National Democratic Convention in Charleston, Butler voted 57 times in favor of nominating Jefferson Davis as the Democratic presidential candidate. Much to the dismay of … Read more

The Confederate Abraham Lincoln: Second Cousin to the President

President Abraham Lincoln wasn’t the only Abraham Lincoln involved in the Civil War. The Confederates had their own Lincoln, Private Abraham B. Lincoln of Company F in the 1st Virginia Cavalry. What’s even stranger is that the two Lincolns were related. According to an article in The Pennsylvania-German magazine, both President Abraham Lincoln and Private … Read more

Abraham Lincoln Was a John Wilkes Booth Fan

Although John Wilkes Booth is now known as the infamous assassin who brutally murdered Abraham Lincoln in 1865, during his lifetime Booth was known as a famous and handsome stage actor that even Lincoln himself enjoyed watching perform at Ford’s Theater. Lincoln watched Booth perform in numerous plays, including one called the Marble Heart at … Read more

Was Abraham Lincoln Related to Paul Revere?

Although born and raised at different times and places, Abraham Lincoln was actually related to Paul Revere through three marriages in his family. Abraham Lincoln’s father, Thomas Lincoln, had two cousins in Boston during the late 1700s named Amos and Jedediah Lincoln. Like Thomas Lincoln, both cousins were carpenters, although they were much more successful … Read more

When Abraham Lincoln Met Prince Napoleon

In July of 1861, Prince Napoleon, nephew of the infamous Napoleon I, embarked on a two-month private tour of the United States during which he met Abraham Lincoln and also attended a disastrous dinner party at the White House on August 3rd. As France was still undecided about which side it would support, if any … Read more

Harriet Tubman Didn’t Like Abraham Lincoln

During an interview for The Chautauquan magazine in 1896, with a writer named Rosa Belle Holt, Harriet Tubman stated that she did not like Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and only learned to appreciate him after her friend, Sojourner Truth, told her Lincoln was not an enemy but a friend to African-Americans. The statement … Read more